Memoirs of a New EQ2 Guild Leader

April 25, 2007

Memoirs of a what?

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As you might have noticed, I haven’t posted in quite a long time. What happened? Vanguard happened! I no longer play EQ2. I purchased Vanguard, played it and fell in love with the game.

Why am I hooked? Most definitely crafting! I was extremely disappointed when EQ2¬†simplified crafting. I was crafting Halasian Bear Rugs and selling them for 15 gold each the week before the update and they were selling like hotcakes. The day after, my Halasian Bear Rugs weren’t selling and never did pick up again. Not only did they make it much easier to make a bear rug, but they dropped the status points from 500 to something like 50. CRY!!!! I didn’t want to be purely a strongbox makers; I wanted to make furniture and make money making furniture.¬†¬† Vanguard crafting: Complex and not for the lighthearted. Crafters can make money in Vanguard! YAY! Lishian is hooked!

So – I haven’t started a guild in Vanguard yet. I’m still getting to know the game and am trying to decid which of my 10 alts will be my main, then I will make a guild. I will blog my experiences as a Vanguard guild leader.

Hope to see you soon!



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