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February 6, 2008

Cool Tabula Rasa Screenshots

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I don’t really feel like typing too much, but I’ll post these screenshots. The first feware screenshots that I took when I was bored while waiting for a clan pvp event to start. The two with the midgets are actually mini-general british clones that GMs use to protect the from mobs while helping customers. The last is a real cool shot I took while playing around in a lava flow.









December 28, 2007

Tabula Rasa

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I became quite bored with EQ2. This seems to be an annual issue with me. After about a year, I just get plain ol’ bored of EQ2. The first time it happened, I moved to Lineage II. The second time, I moved to Vanguard. This time, it’s Tabula Rasa. This is a seriously fun game. For those of you that haven’t experienced its greatness. Check out the website:

Here’s my current toon a few different stages in his life:

Level 14 Soldier wearing Reflective Armour


Level 20 Ranger wearing Stealth Armour (decreases aggro range 🙂 )

00000002.jpg 00000003.jpg

Pretty cool armour, aye? And you get dye each piece a different color and there are hundreds of different colors that you can select if you have dyes. Only thing that I find strange is that they don’t have white or black dyes in-game. *shrugs*

November 12, 2007

Warden Level 20 PvP Gear – Tunic

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This is my reward for killing over 1000 Freeps… An awesome leather tunic! Isn’t it the greatest? There is more PvP gear that I can get in T3, but I don’t have it yet. I will post it when I own it for all to drool over. I have adorned this. The blue lettering is a product of the adornment that I have affixed to the tunic.


Here is the mastercrafted gear at t3. There is a big difference between the two. I choose the pvp gear.


Rated M For Mature

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I don’t know what happened here, but this toon is nekked! No diddling while browsing my blog, please!


Ain’t We Scary?

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Here a small contingent of Viral Rage after pummelling the Freeport insurgency in Antonica. We are a scary crew!


October 2, 2007

A New, New EQ2 Guild Leader

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I have finally decided to create a Qeynos guild on Nagafen, one that conforms exactly to what I want to do and conveniently applies to what a lot of other folks want to do – slowly leveling through the tiers and locking at a strategic level between tiers. Why lock mid-tier? So we may accrue enough faction to get PVP gear at the next tier.  

After we gain enough faction, we will slowly level around mid-tier, preferably 5 levels below the  n2nd level of each higher tier in order to avoid toons that will have a new tier set of gear. After only a few days, I already have about 15 unique accounts. Half of them are experienced EQ2 players or EQ2 PVPers, some have experience in other MMOs and some have no MMO experience. I have designated two officers and they clearly care about others in the guild. They are  great team players and seem to really care about the future of the guild. I think I have a great start and I am starting to get requests from players to join the guild.

Viral Rage! Viral Rage is the name of the new guild and I think it is a great one. This name, I believe, is key to getting new recruits when the guild level is low. The movie 28 Days Later inspired me. Spread the rage virus! 

Now, I can finally blog about what I initially intended and I’m glad to be back to normalcy! If you’re looking for a guild on Nagafen and you want to level slow, kill lots of Freeportians, have loads of fun and see as much content as you can while leveling – join Viral Rage!

August 9, 2007

One of those days

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Every once and awhile I think about this person that helped me understand how precious friendships are and that there are good people in the world. Shes no longer with us, but I remember her like she was here yesterday. Well, being the sap that I am — I wrote a song for her.

 3 PM

you know you were too good to be true
I can’t believe that you had chosen me
at a time when i wasn’t whole
you filled up that empty part of me

but now you’re gone
and I don’t know if you were ever real
but still the same
I know exactly how i feel

I’ll never stop thinking about you at 3 pm
no matter how much the years are changing me
and without fail i’ll think of you at 3 pm

you were more than a man could ever ask god for
my heart breaks every time I realize that you’re no more
but i smile when a close my eyes and I see your face
maybe when I die I’ll get to see those brown eyes again

I know you’re gone
and I know that you were real
and still the same
I know exactly how i feel

I’ll never stop thinking about you at 3 pm
no matter how much the years are changing me
and without fail i’ll think of you at 3 pm

I’ll never stop thinking about you at 3 pm
no matter how much the years are changing me
and without fail i’ll think of you at 3 pm

I Feel Like Crap

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So – my girlfriend started this detox cleansing thing that is suppose to remove the toxins from your body. I really need that! I have high-blood pressue, I feel like crap, I smell bad (just kidding), I have no energy (could be late EQ2 nights creeping up on me) and I am 20 pounds heaver than my fighting weight when I grappled. I need something to fix up my body! I really want it back! It has been stolen by 4 large cups of coffee and a pack of cigarettes. So — I did a little research and came across some interesting finds. Here is what comes out of you, when you get cleansed! FYI: The demons are pretty damn gross.

August 7, 2007

Jarvis and Dingle 8/7/07

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I’ve been getting so many compliments about my fantastic MS Paint drawings that I have decided to create a weekly comic for you. This comic is titled “Jarvis and Dingle”. It is about a very nice dog that has a gnome, Dingle, living up his ass.  I hope you enjoy and can learn to appreciate my fine art and humour.


My Little Pony MMO

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Cuppycake is looking for folks to make an advertisement for a new “My Little Pony” MMO. It isn’t a real MMO.. Just a contest that she is holding. Here is my entry! 🙂


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