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July 23, 2007

Home, Sweet Home

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I want to start this post by apologizing that I haven’t posted for quite some time.  I know it matters to some of the three people that check my blog everry day. hehe!

I left my hometown in MA when I was 18 years old. I joined the Army and travelled the world. After two wars or conflicts and 6 1/2 years of duty and a few years as a computer programmer in the last state that I was stationed, I went home. No matter where you go or where you live, the place you were raised always seems to be called home. Atleast it seems so if you have family there still, I can’t relate to someone that no longer has family in the place that they were raised – so – it is just my point of view.

In the wonderful world of EQ2, home is Qeynos. I transferred my main, Risi, from Venekor to Nagafen and made a ranger on the Qeynos side and there I shall stay. It is much easier to start on a new server if you have a source of income, like I do with Risi. My ranger’s name is Lish — the new and improved Lish.

Over the years I’ve been in a few guilds, some ok and some crappy. On Antonia Bayle I was in a guild called Legacy. They were a great guild and some really nice folks were in it, but I soloed most of the time. They were all high level at the time and a became fairly bored. Don’t get me wrong… I loved playing EQ2, but to be chatting with all these folks in guild chat and not actually doing much with them gets very boring. Then came PVP, I had to do it! I took about a 4 month break from EQ2 before KOS was released and played Lineage II with my brother. In his guild, we would travel in huge groups to do anything that we needed to do. PVP, PVE whatever…. and we raided every night as well. This is what I wanted in EQ2, but it took me over two years to find a guild like that. Why did it take so long? Well, I had my own guilds. It isn’t that I wasn’t doing that with my guild because I really did try. My guild had folks in it that weren’t the grouping kind. There were cliques here and there, but more than often I was left on my own. I was in Shades of Deception and they were nice folks, but there was always this rap about grouping together for PVP and that we would lock at a particular point each tier for a bit, but it wasn’t happening. In fact, most of them were back and forth between nagafen and vox – or – they were on the PVP test server. Then I saw Den of Gladness… 

Many of the folks in den of gladness were in another venekor guild that had moved to nagafen. These folks were awesome… always in a large group. You would rarely see a Den of Madness guild member alone somewhere… they were exiles and they would send the folks in each zone they entered off running. When I saw all these Den of Gladness folks doing the same thing with a less strict recruiting policy and some lower level toons, I had to join.

Den of Gladness is now my home and I plan on staying there as long as the guild exists. They help each other, they do things together and they are starting to gain some notoriety on nagafen. I often see folks from the other faction with Denofgladnesssucks for last names or they have named a pet Denofgladnesssucks. I take that as a compliment… it means that we’ve probably kicked that dude’s ass and that’s what we do. In a tightnit on-the-ball group, Den of Gladness kicks your ass. We’ve even had folks betray Freeport to join Den of Gladness and that rules.

I’ve finally found home in EQ2.

And BTW: I made a trouby mangina toon. 🙂   Something about a male fae singing happy songs didn’t fit well with me. So – female fae trouby  and she is way fun to play when I’m not out and about with my ranger, Lish. If you’re from nagafen and you see Lish or Chapathy out and about, say hi.


June 21, 2007

I’m sooo not a mangina! 6/22/2007

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This is Mayi! She’s cute, she’s not a mangina and she’s our first “I’m Sooo Not a Mangina!” girl!

This is her toon (We all love Dark Elves!):


and here’s the real deal:


Kudos to Mayi for stepping up to the plate and sending her pics in and for being our first “I’m Sooo Not a Mangina!” girl!

I did’t need to post my own MS Paint picture this week, but I’ll do it anyway! Can you guess what server and guild she is in?


‘Till next week,


June 20, 2007

I’m sooo not a mangina!

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Every once and awhile folks like to look at real women, instead of the manginas that have taken over most of Norrath. If you are a female, in real life (IRL for those of you have have forgotten how to speak English), send me a link to your RL picture, a link to a picture of your toon, and the url to your blog. If you could write up a few things about your toon, that would be great (your server and guild, etc.)! All are optional, except for the RL picture. Every Friday, I will show you to the world in my “I’m Sooo Not a Mangina!” post. Send them in! Otherwise, I will have to post MS Paint drawings. You don’t want that! They can get pretty ugly as you have already seen.

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