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October 10, 2007

Viral Rage – The First Few Weeks

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The guild, Viral Rage, I created is going much better than I could have imagined.  After only a week, Viral Rage has 44 members and 24 accounts – most of which have been online every day. I am now at the point where I have had to turn down a few folks. It seems that warden is the most popular class on the PvP servers and rightly so. Even a mid-teens warden with master-crafted gear and a few key adornments can be an extremely formidable opponent for even a small group. I’ve been fairly successful on all of the classes that I have tried out in T2, but I have never felt as safe as I do on my warden, but anyway – I’m steering off topic. The guild is going great and I’m extremely happy so far.


Why has a brand new guild started off so well? I believe the name of the guild was a big factor. A guild’s initial impression is very important. When a potential recruit sees your guild running around with a cool name, it is very compelling. If my guild was named “I Smell Like Orc”, I seriously doubt that I would have more than a few members and those member would more than likely be immature and probably much younger than I am. I am shooting for late teens to adults.


Your guild recruiting message tells the world what your guild is all about. You display in your recruiting message your main recruiting criteria and the purpose of your guild. Viral Rage is a slow-leveling PVP guild, currently locked at level 15 that is looking for mature recruits that want to kill lots of Freeps. Just a few sentences and we have enough information about the guild to compel folks to join Viral Rage. I believe a big part of the reason we are getting new members quickly is that we are leveling slowly and we are focusing on PVP.  Many folks that have joined us are either new or the are new on the server and are now looking to just have a good time PVPing rather than stressing to defeat Epic A through Z.


Don’t promote officers until you get to know them. When I sent shout outs for help starting the guild, I told folks that they aren’t expected to stay in the guild after it is created. They were of course welcome to stay. I did not promote any of them to officer ranks. A few of them asked if they could be officers because they helped start the guild, but I didn’t know if they were officer material. They might be great guild members, but I don’t know if they are going to be great leaders. Don’t promote immediately after creating the guild. You’ll be making a mistake. If you do promote these folks and demote them after you’ve realized they aren’t good officers, you might lose a potentially super guild member. Promote the guild members that show you that they are leaders. Promote the folks that selflessly help others and only if they comply with the standards that you have set for your guild. For example: they are active in-game, active in vent and have registered on the guild website.


Set a short-term and achievable goal and live by it. I let folks know before they join the guild that we have a short-term goal. As soon as you stop doing what you have said you will do – you will start losing guild members. Viral Rage’s short term goal is to get all guild members equipped with at least master-crafted gear and Adept III spells and combat arts. Another goal is to PVP almost every night as a guild. Whether we have one group or a x3 raid, we will PVP together. This is a key factor for growing the guild – not only in skill, but in gaining visibility to all those potential Viral Rage Zombies out there and letting Freeport know that they have a new guild to worry about. We have been able to muster a x2 every night for the past few weeks. I hope that we can keep this momentum going.


Be approachable! When you log on, let the others know you are there. Say hi when you log on and bye when you log off. Talk to your guild members. Let them know that you are interested in their time in Norrath and that you are there to help. When a guild member needs help, you should be the first one to help them. When these new folks are trying to finish their quests in the caves, get there and help them. They will remember how they finished all their quests in a half hour instead of three hours. They will remember who kept them safe from the vicious Freeps that love camping the lowbies in the caves.


This is the first of my guild status posts and I will post the status of my wicked awesome guild whenever I have the motivation. See you all soon!



  1. My new Freeport guild is called “The Cure”. My recruiting message: FREE DARKLIGHT!

    Comment by tipa — October 12, 2007 @ 8:27 pm

  2. hehe

    Comment by lishian — October 12, 2007 @ 8:44 pm


    Comment by lishian — October 12, 2007 @ 8:45 pm

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