Memoirs of a New EQ2 Guild Leader

October 2, 2007

A New, New EQ2 Guild Leader

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I have finally decided to create a Qeynos guild on Nagafen, one that conforms exactly to what I want to do and conveniently applies to what a lot of other folks want to do – slowly leveling through the tiers and locking at a strategic level between tiers. Why lock mid-tier? So we may accrue enough faction to get PVP gear at the next tier.  

After we gain enough faction, we will slowly level around mid-tier, preferably 5 levels below the  n2nd level of each higher tier in order to avoid toons that will have a new tier set of gear. After only a few days, I already have about 15 unique accounts. Half of them are experienced EQ2 players or EQ2 PVPers, some have experience in other MMOs and some have no MMO experience. I have designated two officers and they clearly care about others in the guild. They are  great team players and seem to really care about the future of the guild. I think I have a great start and I am starting to get requests from players to join the guild.

Viral Rage! Viral Rage is the name of the new guild and I think it is a great one. This name, I believe, is key to getting new recruits when the guild level is low. The movie 28 Days Later inspired me. Spread the rage virus! 

Now, I can finally blog about what I initially intended and I’m glad to be back to normalcy! If you’re looking for a guild on Nagafen and you want to level slow, kill lots of Freeportians, have loads of fun and see as much content as you can while leveling – join Viral Rage!


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