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October 26, 2007

Protecting The Youth of Viral Rage

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Thursday nights are Writ and Heritage Quest at Viral Rage. This week, we started getting everyone through ‘In Service and Honour’ and at the same time we were doing some city writs. Thursday is the one night per week that we don’t go out looking for PvP. Sounds boring? Well, not really. Freeps love visiting Greater Faydark, but not as much as Antonica. There aren’t as many freeps there, but there are some — enough to make writs and the heritage quest a little more interesting.

The folks that were doing the actual heritage quests were geared horribly. Some were completely new to the game or server – so – they couldn’t defend themselves well against some well-geared freeps. We had two groups that started the heritage quest at different times (stragglers!) so a few of us that were done with the quest were running between the two groups so we could protect them from the 4 freeps that were ganking them over and over. It really made for a lot of fun and we must have killed that freep group atleast 8 times. They were pretty persistent. They even attacked out Youth Protection group even after I had soloed them earlier in the evening. Well.. anyway… our youth were protected, we got more faction and we have some happy guildies that didn’t experience multiple gankings.

Viral Rage Youth Protection Squad (and my new decorated Maj’Dul carpet)



October 24, 2007

Dude! High Elves are hot! and a few comments regarding PVP

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So — another week as guild leader of Viral Rage has passed and I have to say, we are still having a blast. We have reached guild level 17 and now have 42 accounts — even after losing a few for various reasons.


              Valdalia, guild leader of Viral Rage. Ain’t she hot?

We have had our first x3 pvp raid. We have enough folks logged in on most night to have a x3 raid. PvP raiding is just plain fun! You might think that it’s a cakewalk and in a raid, you never lose. This is totally untrue. There are always bigger fish in the sea, but often we do own (66 kill streak last night) Darklight Woods.  Just last night we were in a x2 with only 1 person in group 2 and we were attacked by another raid force which had an advantage in numbers and levels. We owned them severely! We aren’t twinks and most of us are new to the server and don’t have the best gear in every slot, but we are learning to fight together as one unit instead of 6 to 12 soloers. I’ve been trying my hardest to get everyone on the same page during pvp battles and its starting to work out. My favourite quote is “Hug the tank!” or “Huddle around me!” which means keep the group close together. During a raid vs raid or group vs group PvP battles, you really need to keep close to eachother. This decreases the chances of someone getting singled out and burned down to a crisp. Staying close also keeps the whole group in the healer’s spell range. Never go chasing a fleeing opponent in a large fight!

Why PvP in raids? At Viral Rage, we like doing things as a whole entity. Nobody is left out of the fun! This is how we build a close-knit guild. This minimizes cliques — which can be harmful to a guild in my opinion. Yes, we have to stay in groups for quests, but we do a hell of a lot more pvp and when we pvp — everyone goes. PvP raids boosts the morale of your guild. Often, folks will quest or harvest on their own and quite frankly — you’re gonna die. When we go out on PvP raids, we have the advantage and we win more than we lose. This, my friends, makes your guildies very happy. A new person to the server is going to have a reason to stay if he is in a guild that takes him out to own the faces off of the opposite faction. You need to help these new folks as much as possible. Get them good gear. Show them how to make money. Show them how to get good gear for themselves. Even though we are sending some Freeportians home crying, we are retaining some individuals that just might have quit the first week in Norrath. We’ve made them a longterm subscriber by showing them how a guild kicks ass. All guilds should strive to do the same thing!

 Ok! I think I’m done talking for now!


Tipa: Your Wish Is My Command

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Tipa keeps telling me that I must include pics in my blog. She has asked me over and over again to post a picture of my guild’s cloak. Something I should have done when I blogged about achieving guild level 15. Well! I’m lazy! …but not today!

Here you go, Tipa! You won!


October 15, 2007

Another Lesson Learned

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I’ve said before that as a guild leader, you should always back what you say with an action. I almost lost a good person because I told them that I would promote them to an officer rank when more folks were in the guild. I promoted someone else instead first. I should have waited until all of the candidate officers were on and then promoted them.

This idea of doing what you say you are fgoing to do is great, but I have learned something else that is very important to remember in the future: Never make any promises to a specific individual where the good of the guild is concerned. If you have someone in consideration for a promotion, do not tell them that they are being considered. When you are ready to promote them — just do it.

Viral Rage – Guild Level 15

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After nearly two weeks, Viral Rage has hit guild level 15. We were very close to reaching it yesterday and after turning in my completed ‘In Service and Honour’ Heritage Quest, it pushed us from guild level 14 to 15. This is a great moment for a new guild! We are now able to display our guild colors in the form of a cloak.

It took us nearly a half hour to decide which was ours. Initally, we had our minds set on the skull pattern. We tested umteen million color combinations and were almost set on taking an orange skull with a black background, but as I was getting the coin from the bank, I saw two different guilds with the same pattern. I don’t want to be generic guild number 1,203 that is set to fail before its one month birthday. We aren’t a generic guild and we’re going to be a great guild! In a mere two weeks, we have 30+ unique accounts and we have raided Commonlands and Darklight Woods nearly every night. We need something to call our own. The Freeps need to recognize who just slaughtered them as we run from their pixel corpse. After a few more links, we found OUR colors — a black cloak with a blood red crescent moon. This cloak had Viral Rage written all over it and it is the best cloak I have ever seen.

I had to share this proud moment with everyone.

Thanks for reading!

October 10, 2007

Viral Rage – The First Few Weeks

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The guild, Viral Rage, I created is going much better than I could have imagined.  After only a week, Viral Rage has 44 members and 24 accounts – most of which have been online every day. I am now at the point where I have had to turn down a few folks. It seems that warden is the most popular class on the PvP servers and rightly so. Even a mid-teens warden with master-crafted gear and a few key adornments can be an extremely formidable opponent for even a small group. I’ve been fairly successful on all of the classes that I have tried out in T2, but I have never felt as safe as I do on my warden, but anyway – I’m steering off topic. The guild is going great and I’m extremely happy so far.


Why has a brand new guild started off so well? I believe the name of the guild was a big factor. A guild’s initial impression is very important. When a potential recruit sees your guild running around with a cool name, it is very compelling. If my guild was named “I Smell Like Orc”, I seriously doubt that I would have more than a few members and those member would more than likely be immature and probably much younger than I am. I am shooting for late teens to adults.


Your guild recruiting message tells the world what your guild is all about. You display in your recruiting message your main recruiting criteria and the purpose of your guild. Viral Rage is a slow-leveling PVP guild, currently locked at level 15 that is looking for mature recruits that want to kill lots of Freeps. Just a few sentences and we have enough information about the guild to compel folks to join Viral Rage. I believe a big part of the reason we are getting new members quickly is that we are leveling slowly and we are focusing on PVP.  Many folks that have joined us are either new or the are new on the server and are now looking to just have a good time PVPing rather than stressing to defeat Epic A through Z.


Don’t promote officers until you get to know them. When I sent shout outs for help starting the guild, I told folks that they aren’t expected to stay in the guild after it is created. They were of course welcome to stay. I did not promote any of them to officer ranks. A few of them asked if they could be officers because they helped start the guild, but I didn’t know if they were officer material. They might be great guild members, but I don’t know if they are going to be great leaders. Don’t promote immediately after creating the guild. You’ll be making a mistake. If you do promote these folks and demote them after you’ve realized they aren’t good officers, you might lose a potentially super guild member. Promote the guild members that show you that they are leaders. Promote the folks that selflessly help others and only if they comply with the standards that you have set for your guild. For example: they are active in-game, active in vent and have registered on the guild website.


Set a short-term and achievable goal and live by it. I let folks know before they join the guild that we have a short-term goal. As soon as you stop doing what you have said you will do – you will start losing guild members. Viral Rage’s short term goal is to get all guild members equipped with at least master-crafted gear and Adept III spells and combat arts. Another goal is to PVP almost every night as a guild. Whether we have one group or a x3 raid, we will PVP together. This is a key factor for growing the guild – not only in skill, but in gaining visibility to all those potential Viral Rage Zombies out there and letting Freeport know that they have a new guild to worry about. We have been able to muster a x2 every night for the past few weeks. I hope that we can keep this momentum going.


Be approachable! When you log on, let the others know you are there. Say hi when you log on and bye when you log off. Talk to your guild members. Let them know that you are interested in their time in Norrath and that you are there to help. When a guild member needs help, you should be the first one to help them. When these new folks are trying to finish their quests in the caves, get there and help them. They will remember how they finished all their quests in a half hour instead of three hours. They will remember who kept them safe from the vicious Freeps that love camping the lowbies in the caves.


This is the first of my guild status posts and I will post the status of my wicked awesome guild whenever I have the motivation. See you all soon!

October 2, 2007

A New, New EQ2 Guild Leader

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I have finally decided to create a Qeynos guild on Nagafen, one that conforms exactly to what I want to do and conveniently applies to what a lot of other folks want to do – slowly leveling through the tiers and locking at a strategic level between tiers. Why lock mid-tier? So we may accrue enough faction to get PVP gear at the next tier.  

After we gain enough faction, we will slowly level around mid-tier, preferably 5 levels below the  n2nd level of each higher tier in order to avoid toons that will have a new tier set of gear. After only a few days, I already have about 15 unique accounts. Half of them are experienced EQ2 players or EQ2 PVPers, some have experience in other MMOs and some have no MMO experience. I have designated two officers and they clearly care about others in the guild. They are  great team players and seem to really care about the future of the guild. I think I have a great start and I am starting to get requests from players to join the guild.

Viral Rage! Viral Rage is the name of the new guild and I think it is a great one. This name, I believe, is key to getting new recruits when the guild level is low. The movie 28 Days Later inspired me. Spread the rage virus! 

Now, I can finally blog about what I initially intended and I’m glad to be back to normalcy! If you’re looking for a guild on Nagafen and you want to level slow, kill lots of Freeportians, have loads of fun and see as much content as you can while leveling – join Viral Rage!

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