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August 1, 2007

Greatest PVP Moments

Filed under: EQ2 — lishian @ 6:18 pm

I know everyone has one of their PVP greatest moments remembered. Some are fights where they won and some could even be battles that they lost. Well, I have a greatest pvp moment that I will always remember where the battle never even started.

Some guildies and I were hunting around north eastern Antonica. On our way from the Spires to Oracle tower, a Freep showed up on track. The Freep was in Windstalker Village below the eastern cliff. So, we decided to all jump down and we “thought” we would land in the lake without pressing our spacebars. We ended up dead from falling damage right at the feet of this Freep! The Freep looked at us for a few seconds then ran away! He should have did the x dance (corpsehumping by rapidly pressing your x key) on us all for being stupid! I bet he died laughing… good for him because if we had reached our target, he would have been a quick kill.  BTW: I believe we found him later on and put him out of his misery.

What are your greatest PVP (or PVE) moments?

And Tipa… I will get fraps!



  1. I’m waiting for pictures!

    My favorite PvP moment was when I was running around flagged in Stranglethorn Vale, and some useless gnome mage decides he’s going to ambush me from hiding.

    About five seconds later, he found out two interesting things.

    1) I was a shadow priest, and
    2) I’d seen him coming.

    Bwa. Ha. Ha.

    Bugger went running. I kept him snared as much as I could, and drained, but he used blink and potions to keep the chase going. But I caught up with him. Oh yes indeedy.

    See, protocol on Kirin Tor (an RP server) at the time was, if you saw someone flagged, then you would get their attention, and flag yourself, and then attack… just to be polite. Mostly, Alliance scum would just attack from hiding without flagging, because … well, they were Alliance, without honor.

    My other fave PvP moment (on WoW, again), was when I was soloing some quests in Ungoro Crater, but was having trouble with an ape escort quest. An alliance fighter was working on the same quest, so we were going to help each other. Pretty soon we were both flagged — that happens. And though I had no intention, I accidentally killed him while trying to help. He came back, though, knowing it was an accident, and together, we completed the quest twice, once for each of us.

    I don’t have a lot of EQ2 PvP memories because, well, my guild on WoW at the time required its members to go around flagged and hence ready for world PvP at a moment’s notice. Ghost Watch. Loved that guild — it was a mistake to leave it for a so-called raiding guild, full of drama.

    Comment by tipa — August 3, 2007 @ 1:43 pm

  2. I had a similar experience on a Vanguard FFA server. I was grouped with some folks and there was a guy that was much higher in level than us. He ungrouped and helped out of combat til two of us gained a level, which was happening soon. I accidentally killed him with AOE attacks… haha.

    Comment by lishian — August 3, 2007 @ 4:26 pm

  3. hey lishian, nice blog.
    I kinda just started out in EQ2 on the Antonia Bayle server so I have really had no EQ2 PvP stories as of yet, but there was a time in WoW that I did something a little dumb. Seeing as this is my first time stopping by, I’ll drop it for your enjoyment.

    I was playing a mage at the time and was in one of the battlegrounds just getting used to the area. The mage was my first class that I had tried and you gotta forgive me, but I think it was a priest that has the mind control ability/spell.

    Well,I was going up to Lumber Mill for the first time and had just come up and over the ramp to see the flag ahead of me and nobody there. I was psyched!
    Next thing I know I’m running forward off the cliff and falling to my death.
    Earlier that week I had spilled soda on my keyboard and I was having issues with a couple of the keys. I had figured this was another one of those times and it didn’t occur to my that it was actually another player doing this until I went for the flag a second time. When he blasted me again with the mind control he went further and proceeded to dance me around the flag hopping and hopping like a jackass before jumping me off the cliff for the final time.

    Die and learn I guess.

    Comment by brackishwater — September 25, 2007 @ 7:16 pm

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