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August 9, 2007

One of those days

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Every once and awhile I think about this person that helped me understand how precious friendships are and that there are good people in the world. Shes no longer with us, but I remember her like she was here yesterday. Well, being the sap that I am — I wrote a song for her.

 3 PM

you know you were too good to be true
I can’t believe that you had chosen me
at a time when i wasn’t whole
you filled up that empty part of me

but now you’re gone
and I don’t know if you were ever real
but still the same
I know exactly how i feel

I’ll never stop thinking about you at 3 pm
no matter how much the years are changing me
and without fail i’ll think of you at 3 pm

you were more than a man could ever ask god for
my heart breaks every time I realize that you’re no more
but i smile when a close my eyes and I see your face
maybe when I die I’ll get to see those brown eyes again

I know you’re gone
and I know that you were real
and still the same
I know exactly how i feel

I’ll never stop thinking about you at 3 pm
no matter how much the years are changing me
and without fail i’ll think of you at 3 pm

I’ll never stop thinking about you at 3 pm
no matter how much the years are changing me
and without fail i’ll think of you at 3 pm


I Feel Like Crap

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So – my girlfriend started this detox cleansing thing that is suppose to remove the toxins from your body. I really need that! I have high-blood pressue, I feel like crap, I smell bad (just kidding), I have no energy (could be late EQ2 nights creeping up on me) and I am 20 pounds heaver than my fighting weight when I grappled. I need something to fix up my body! I really want it back! It has been stolen by 4 large cups of coffee and a pack of cigarettes. So — I did a little research and came across some interesting finds. Here is what comes out of you, when you get cleansed! FYI: The demons are pretty damn gross.

August 7, 2007

Jarvis and Dingle 8/7/07

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I’ve been getting so many compliments about my fantastic MS Paint drawings that I have decided to create a weekly comic for you. This comic is titled “Jarvis and Dingle”. It is about a very nice dog that has a gnome, Dingle, living up his ass.  I hope you enjoy and can learn to appreciate my fine art and humour.


My Little Pony MMO

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Cuppycake is looking for folks to make an advertisement for a new “My Little Pony” MMO. It isn’t a real MMO.. Just a contest that she is holding. Here is my entry! 🙂


August 2, 2007

No More Dragon Magazine

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I started playing D&D in the early 80s. I was fanatically in love with that game. I painted miniatures, create campaigns, modules, drew pictures of my characters and played some of the old solo modules when friends couldn’t play.  D&D was a huge part of my life for many many years. If I hadn’t played D&D, I probably would not have looked at MUDs or MMOs. I can proudly say that I played D&D while in combat, even during mortar attacks.

A very sad thing is happening….   when I wasn’t playing D&D, I was reading Dragon Magazine.  As of Sept. 2007, Dragon Magazine will cease. I haven’t bought a Dragon Magazine for quite a few years (i no longer play D&D), but I had loved that magazine. I believe the earliest issue that I have is something like #14, tucked away in my parents attic and I have many issues under #100. hmmm…. they might be worth a boatload now!

I remember when they came out with a ninja class for the first time.. ahh..

RIP Dragon Magazine… you will be missed! 

August 1, 2007

Greatest PVP Moments

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I know everyone has one of their PVP greatest moments remembered. Some are fights where they won and some could even be battles that they lost. Well, I have a greatest pvp moment that I will always remember where the battle never even started.

Some guildies and I were hunting around north eastern Antonica. On our way from the Spires to Oracle tower, a Freep showed up on track. The Freep was in Windstalker Village below the eastern cliff. So, we decided to all jump down and we “thought” we would land in the lake without pressing our spacebars. We ended up dead from falling damage right at the feet of this Freep! The Freep looked at us for a few seconds then ran away! He should have did the x dance (corpsehumping by rapidly pressing your x key) on us all for being stupid! I bet he died laughing… good for him because if we had reached our target, he would have been a quick kill.  BTW: I believe we found him later on and put him out of his misery.

What are your greatest PVP (or PVE) moments?

And Tipa… I will get fraps!

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