Memoirs of a New EQ2 Guild Leader

June 13, 2007

Out Mangina; Out Lishian; Welcome, Mhyrkos!

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Hello, readers! I might have mentioned that I have finally settled on my new main. I don’t know how long it will last, but I have settled — for the moment. My new main is Mhyrkos. He’s a human, an assassin and a soon-to-be Neriak citizen on the Nagafen server. He has darkbrown hair with tanned skin and one of those thin beards that line the jaw. It’s kind of funny — He looks very similar to Jason Scott Lee that starred in the Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story. I wasn’t aiming to make this toon look like anyone on purpose. I notice the resemblance after the fact. 

I’ve been spending most of the time crafting, harvesting and questing with this toon. It’s very hard starting a new toon on a PVP server that already has an established economy. Most of the other toons in the teens on the server are alts of someone that has been on the server for quite awhile. A true new toon on the server will not be able to compete with twinks in a PVP fight. I don’t care how good you actually are or how well you know your toon, you can’t compete with the twinks. So – I have spent much of the first few weeks crafting, harvesting for rares and with hopes that my new main will be twinked enough to compete. When I’m done equipping, I’ll be hunting Qs fulltime. I don’t plan on level-locking this toon because higher level PVP is much better. How fun could it be only having a few combat arts? Not that fun… Not fun enough to level lock forever. I will only lock when I am PVPing, not when questing. However, I am locking until I get enough gear to compete with the twinks. I don’t want to miss out on some good battles at any tier.

I’m starting to accumulate some good gear. I have a blackened iron BP and legs, a few Adept IIIs, a level 16 master, a level 24 master, one piece of silver jewelry, some alkaline loam (for another adept III) and two hex dolls. A few more weeks, unless I get really lucky harvesting, and I should be ready to pummel T2 Qs. I can’t wait! I just love PvP — its the greatest invention ever! Watch out Qs, the x-mangina is coming for you soon!

BTW: I am only joking about folks donating me some ingame cash! I hope you haven’t taken that request seriously, but I would like to send a big thanks to Asdfmeowboopboop for inviting me to visit his website to find platinum.


Lishian Mhyrkos


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