Memoirs of a New EQ2 Guild Leader

June 11, 2007

Manginias Corpishumpus Argues with a Manginaphobe

Filed under: EQ2 — lishian @ 7:45 pm

So! How’s everyone doing? I’m doing great even in my non-mangina toon form. I’ve finally settled with a main on Nagafen. Mhyrkos the assassin.  A non-twinked/non-mangina/gimpo of an assassin. Some female toon even flirted with him. He must be hot or something – or – maybe that toon was a double-sided mangina. (Double-sided mangina is my new word for a mangina toon that is a mangina in real life) If *she* is a mangina, she might be a mangina in real life too. Issues. I’ll just pretend it was some gal that looks like Giselle or something. That why I use to make female toons; just so I could make something that looks like a 5′ 11″ model from Victoria Secret and stare at her butt  for four hours per day — not because I secretly want to be a woman. I’m a damned pervert! No… not really. To be quite honest, I just love women. I don’t cheat on my girlfriends or manually pump blowup dolls — I just love the female body and sometimes its the only way I can stay consistently engaged with anything for more than a few hours. Fortunately, I’ve found that you can make a *tool* of a male toon and attract attention from the female toons that hopefully aren’t manginas. I have something to look at other than my own toon’s butt. Phew!

Last night a guildmate said, “Dudes that make female toons freak me out!” In fact, I’ve seen him write that in guild chat a few times over the past few weeks. Why? I don’t know! You can’t really call it homophobia nor can you say that all males that make female toons are homosexuals. I’m not a homosexual and I’ve had plenty of female toons. Homosexuals and manginas don’t really bother me whatsoever. I don’t know why it bothers others. Are the phobes too stupid to realize that they have nothing to fear? Maybe he has an army of mangina alts that he hasn’t told us about and he feels guilty for some reason.

Why is this dude freaked out? I asked him. (Just for reference, we’ll call this a phobia of some sort. Hmmm…  Let’s call the illness manginaphobia) Guildy the manginaphobe said, “Just because.”  Just because?!!! This manginaphobe expends that much energy from his probably overweight, flesh-roll of a wetwipe, air-stealing body crying about manginas, just because?  I thought about arguing with the bungholio stain, but if he can only come up with “just because” with his antfart-sized brain — I doubt he has the intelligence to argue. So, I let it be and continued to harvest with my non-twinked/non-mangina/gimpo/tool male human assassin named Mhyrkos.

BTW: I won over the urge to make another mangina that I was going to name Manginias Corpishumpus the bruiser. Wound’t it be freaking hilarious to get corpsehumped by Manginias Corpushumpus? I think so!

BTW, part II: I’m not always going to talk about manginas, even though I know that is all you want me to do. It’s just what I have to say at the moment. Enjoy it while it lasts.

 BTW, part III: I haven’t received any ingame mail with donations for my non-twinked/non-mangina/gimpo/tool male human assassin named Mhyrkos yet! What is wrong with you folks? Have a heart! haha!

Until later — Semper Corpishumpus,




  1. Well, sounds like you have an idea for a new guild… Femmebots… 100% pure mangina…

    Comment by Tipa — June 11, 2007 @ 8:37 pm

  2. That would be funny!

    Comment by lishian — June 11, 2007 @ 8:44 pm

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