Memoirs of a New EQ2 Guild Leader

January 10, 2007

My EQ2 Toons

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I don’t have a thing to say about leading a guild or raiding – so – I’ll tell you about my toonage.

Currently, I have 4 toons that I use on a regular basis and they are all on Venekor. Venekor is a roleplaying pvp server, but I’m not really much of a roleplayer. I would transfer to Nagafen if that functionality was available.

  1. Risi is a level 57 swashbuckler and a level 47 carpenter. Risi is a female wood elf (*gasps* and the real me is male; a straight male). I started this toon the day that the PVP servers opened. I often change mains, but I always seem to come back to this toon. I guess you could say that Risi is my main.
    • You ask, “Why do you, a male, play a female toon?” Well, here is my reason (or excuse):  I can’t immerse myself into a character on Everquest 2 like I can with a book. I don’t feel like it is me running around in Norrath; I feel like it is someone else that I am watching. Give me a book and I can put my feet in the character’s shoes, but not in a game. Let me sum it up in one sentence: I’d rather watch a female’s butt for hours on end than a male’s. I’ll end it there.
  2. Lishian is a level 38 Berzerker and a level 26 provisioner. I made a Berzerker because the guild that I joined, the guild that I now lead, did not have a tank. I really don’t enjoy tanking during my normal solo play style, but I love tanking when there is a mass of folks helping me kill stuff. Lishian is my new main, but I have taken a break to level up Risi and make some cash because my toons are broke.
  3. Rhue is a level 25 fury and a level 29 tailor. I sometimes really want to heal folks. I’ve been told that I’m a great healer and a great tank for that matter.  I play Rhue when I feel like attracting PVP. I can just stand around or harvest in the commonlands and eventually someone will attack and Rhue can kick the pants off of a non-healer 4 levels higher… most of the time.
  4. Theovar is a level 22 Ranger and a level 26 Jeweler. This is another PVP toon that I will be level locking soon. He has a 46% pathfinding buff and is often found diddling in a hut near Bloodskull Valley. The pathfinding buff makes it really quick.


  1. All guys use that excuse… admit it, you just want to get free stuff from other guys who think you are a woman!

    Comment by Adele Caelia — January 11, 2007 @ 5:09 pm

  2. Haha! That is totally not true, but something like that has happened before in a MUD (DragonRrealms) about 10 years ago. Maybe, I should write about that. As far as I know most of my friends know that my female toons aren’t played be a female. I’ve always been dumbfounded as to why this matters to people.

    Comment by Lishain — January 11, 2007 @ 5:44 pm

  3. For some reason it does matter. My hubby gets mad all the time because people are constantly helping me out, offering money, items, answering my questions, grouping with me, and not him, and he swears it is because I am female, lol.

    Comment by Adele Caelia — January 11, 2007 @ 9:45 pm

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