Memoirs of a New EQ2 Guild Leader

December 21, 2006

PVE Raid x2 Composition

Filed under: EQ2 — lishian @ 4:39 pm

Here is my first draft x2 pve raid group; what do you al think? 

MT team
MT – guardian/berzerker
MA – berzerker/paladin
MH – Templar or warden
2ndH – Warden or Mystic
Dirge – not sure about this guy being here

DPS Team
Fury or warden
dirge or troub



  1. As a pretty hard core raider, with 3 level 70 characters who have all raided on eq2 (not tooting my horn here, just saying I’m not just making comments out my arse) I’d get rid of that Illusionist, and add a coercer instead. Why? Because you want hate transfer of some sort. You’ve got no swashbuckler / assassin for that in your MT group, unless you want to see the mobs ping ponging all over the place, let the coercer hate transfer you. They also have better power regen then Illusionists.

    Also, Illusionists you want to keep with your dps / mages. They have some pretty nice aa’s for dps (one being a 25% melee / ranged double attack bounus) and they have synergism which is a de-agro that goes (at m1 and with aa into it) for 48% chance every time a hostile spell is cast. A huge must for your wizards and warlocks.

    A cleric – inquisitor or templar, is also a must in the MT group, they have your mitigation and hit point buffs. I’d also suggest a defiler instead of a mystic, and put a mystic in the secondary group. You want to keep the dirge. If possible keep the troub in your dps team, they have mastro which will provide all of your caster types with extra dps as well as the illusionist temporary int buff, and the wizards fridgid gift.

    anyhow, just some random comments. Glad to see a new blog that I haven’t spotted before, looks like you’re having some fun.

    Comment by Stargrace/Silverstep — January 3, 2007 @ 5:55 pm

  2. Switch your illusionist with your swashy…illusionist can buff the casters as stargrace noted. Aim for a troub in grp 2 to buff/deaggro casters, and the ranger will love all the haste.

    Comment by bob — March 14, 2007 @ 5:45 pm

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