Memoirs of a New EQ2 Guild Leader

December 21, 2006

The Guild’s First Raid

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So – my guild went on her first raid last night; organized by yours truly. Rougly 14 folks showed up for the raid. Enough folks, but not enough to build the preferred X2 raid group composition. It was great that we had enough folks for the raid, but I have over 50 accounts in the guild. I think that I really need to clean house, the other two guild leaders (before I was appointed) had no requirements for guild entry other than that your toon is a fae. I implemented a recruiting strategy, but it still isn’t so harsh. I figure we get lots of folks, keep them at a recruit rank until they have shown their worth and then hope that we have at least one person out of a handful that will be raid material.

There were a couple hiccups right off the bat. First was that we went to QH to get the raid quest and we are all from Kelethin… entirely my fault. We did have one person bring in one of their alts that was qeynos-based; we didn’t have to port back to Kelethin to get entrance to the guild raid zone. I forgot the name of the raid quest, but it was in the vale of the shattering. We had to kill High Something Something, the gnoll. We failed, but it was great fun. We lost a few folks during the raid and eventually only had 8 folks left. Not enough to complete the raid.

Some things that I have learned:

1. Threaten guildies with public flogging if they don’t show for the raid. hehe… kidding.

2. Recruit folks specifically for the raid team. I don’t mind having lots of casual players in the guild, but I do want a stable raid team. The casual players could potentially serve as a pool of backups.

3. Recruit folks for the raid team that have stabile computers and internet access. 4. Advertize the fact that there was a guild raid and the outcome. I think this is important
for a new raiding guild. Others will know that we are serious and that we can organize events like this.

5. Raid leader should be one of the DPS guys. I was tank and sure as hell, I was really busy. As soon as the waves of adds came after us… I was taunting like a mad man. I would rather have a vast area of taunt effects than a single offensive CA. In fact, I am respecing my AA from the sta and agi line to the strength line.

6. Let other tanks know that they should not be taunting unless an add gets away. Assign specific folks for him to protect.

7. Bring potions!

This post could be huge, but I won’t bore you all with too much. Bottom line: The raid was a boatload of fun!


PVE Raid x2 Composition

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Here is my first draft x2 pve raid group; what do you al think? 

MT team
MT – guardian/berzerker
MA – berzerker/paladin
MH – Templar or warden
2ndH – Warden or Mystic
Dirge – not sure about this guy being here

DPS Team
Fury or warden
dirge or troub

December 20, 2006

Memoirs of a New EQ2 Guild Leader

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Welcome to my new EQ2 blog! I’ve been posting on for about a month now, asking for advice about leading a guild and raiding. I’ve received lots of help from Cyanbane and other posters on that site. In order to give back what I have received, I started posting things that I have learned during my short career as a guild leader. Cyan thought it would make a great blog – so – here I am.

I will share with you everything that I learn as a new guild leader and things that I learn about raids. I hope you enjoy my blogs and I am looking forward to reading your comments. Enjoy!

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